Specie Insurance Specialist

The objective of Specie Insurance is to provide cover for one of the most common and oldest risks  –historically known as “piracy” – but in South Africa commonly referred to as hijacking or, more mundanely,  as theft of cash and valuables whilst in transit or storage.

Specie insurance is a specialised form of coverage and is essentially about protecting high-value, portable items – such as precious metals, gems, securities, and cash. Our core focus is specie associated risks, with a focus on cash.

Why the need for specie?

Specie insurance protects the valuables in the event of fire, theft, accidental damage. Leaving you with peace of mind and with assurance that your assets and valuables are covered.

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In-Transit Cover

Covers cash (or valuables like gold or diamonds) whilst in transit from one destination to another.

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End-to-End Cover Solution

Cash on site

Direction Arrows

Cash Acceptance Device

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Cross Pavement

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Cash in Vehicle

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Cash Centre / Vault

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